Rx Specialty Services, Inc.
   National Patient Advocacy Group

National Patient Advocacy Group

Rx Specialty Services, Inc. was established to offer assistance with the burden that high cost prescription medication puts on uninsured individuals.  Our service does not guarantee that individuals will be totally free of all prescription medication cost.  It does guarantee that the cost of medications for qualified individuals will be drastically reduced.  Our primary function as a patient advocacy group is to bring uninsured and underprivileged individuals together with pharmaceutical companies.

There are a few simple steps you will need to take before the process of obtaining medication for you can begin.

  • The first step is to mail or fax our office your name, telephone number and a list of your medications.  The list must include the name, strength and number of times a day you take each medication.  Please write "New Patient" at the top of your document.  You can also click contact us to submit your list online. 
  • List the name(s) of your doctor(s) that prescribe your medication.  It is very important that we know which doctor prescribed each of your medications.
  • Within 48 hours of the time we receive your communication a representative of our office will call you and let you know which medications we can assist you with.  At this time we will also obtain some additional information from you.  This will include your date of birth, social security number and household income information.  We will then send you a statement showing the processing fee(s).  When we receive your payment: we will send you a Client Agreement, Medical Release and Application Form(s). 
  • When you receive the Client Agreement, Medical Release and Applications, please sign them in the locations indicated and return to our office the enclosed self addressed envelope that we provide.  Please do not attempt to fill out the forms, just sign them.  Keep in mind that any delay in returning the forms to us will extend the processing time.  Time is of the essence for this reason.  When we receive your signed paperwork we will forward to your physician(s) for his/her signature and for written prescription(s) as needed.  You can expect to usually receive 3 months supply of medication in 4 to 6 weeks after your doctor signs and forwards your forms to the variou pharmaceutical companies.
  • We will maintain contact with the pharmaceutical companies so that we will know when to reorder your next 3 months supply of medication.  Do not burden your physician(s) with numerous phone calls.  Be patient.  If 60 days after you send your payment you have not received medication, feel free to contact our office.  We can then advise you as to when your medication will become available.


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